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Professor Brewer's research is focused on ethics and political philosophy. Current research interests include Kant and Kantian ethics, Aristotle and Aristotelian virtue theory, moral psychology, conceptions of practical reason, value theory, theories of justice and conceptions of the democratic ideal. Publications include: The Bounds of Choice: Unchosen Virtues, Unchosen Commitments (Garland, 2000); "Civil Society and Democracy: A Conversation with Michael Walzer," The Hedgehog Review, vol. 2 (2000); "Rethinking Our Maxims," Ethical Theory and Moral Practice , vol 4 (2001); "We the People, We the Warriors," The Washington Post Op-Ed page, August 26, 2002; "The Character of Temptation: Towards a More Plausible Kantian Moral Psychology," Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, vol 83 (2002); "Maxims and Virtues," The Philosophical Review, vol 111 (2002); "Savoring Time, Desire, Pleasure and Wholehearted Activity," Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, vol 6 (2003); "Two Kinds of Commitment," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, vol 66 (2003); "The Real Problem with Internalism about Reasons," Canadian Journal of Philosophy, vol 42 (2003).      

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Assocate Professor of Philosophy