Professor of Philosophy

Professor Simmons's research interests include political philosophy; ethics; history of moral and political theory; and philosophy of law. His publications include: On the Edge of Anarchy (Princeton, 1993); The Lockean Theory of Rights (Princeton, 1992); Moral Principles and Political Obligations (Princeton, 1979); Editor of International Ethics (Princeton, 1985) and Punishment (Princeton, 1995); articles include 'The Principle of Fair Play' in Readings in Social and Political Philosophy (Oxford, 1986); 'Inalienable Rights and Locke's Treatises' in John Locke: Critical Assessments (Routledge, 1992); 'Associative Political Obligations' Ethics (1996); 'Makers' Rights,' The Journal of Ethics (1998); 'Justification and Legitimacy,' Ethics (1999); 'On the Territorial Rights of States' Philosophical Issues (2001); Justification and Legitimacy: Essays on Rights and Obligations (Cambridge, 2001). He is also writing on problems involving political obligation, rights, and international political philosophy.          

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy
Assocate Professor of Philosophy
Henry and Grace Doherty Professor of Politics
Cory Professor of Political Philosophy, Policy & Law
Assistant Professor, Interim Director
Professor, Department of Politics
Professor of Philosophy
Professor, Department of Philosophy
Postdoctoral Fellow