This page contains useful informaiton for prosepective and current students including the current student handbook, approved course lists, and links to other documents. 

Student Handbook 2023

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What if my schedule does not allow me to take one or both of the required core PPL courses? Can I substitute something else?

No. If you are not able and willing to enroll in PPL 201 in your third year and PPL 401 the following year, you should declare some other major.

Will it be difficult to complete both the PPL major and a minor in some related area? 

No. In some cases completion of a minor will entail taking only one additional course.

Will it be difficult to complete both the PPL major and a second major? 

Possibly. That will be a function of individual circumstances, including which courses you have previously completed and, obviously, which other major you wish to complete. IF doing a second major is important to you, then you should carefully review your schedule in order to ensure that completing both PPL and that major will prove feasible.

I want to study abroad. Will that work out? 

Yes, but not during Fall semester of your third year or Spring semester of your fourth. That is when required core courses will be offered.